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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to We are a licensed credit broker, not a lender. Representative example: £400 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is £459.36. Interest charged is £59.36, interest rate 180.5% (variable). Representative 728.9% APR.

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Welcome to Griffin Loans. We are your main source for UK cash advances. We offer payday loans, which are short-term cash advances based on the amount of your next paycheck. Payday loans are a simple and easy cash advance product that can allow you to take care of emergencies in between paychecks. You do not have to have perfect credit to obtain such an advance, so you can relax about facing a credit check. We will not check your credit. Your paycheck will secure the advance that we offer you. All you need to do is ask for help, and you shall receive it.


Qualifications for Griffin Loans

You will have to meet some criteria before you apply for our cash advance products. First, you must be older than the age of 18. The age requirement is necessary for your legal signature on the contract. We provide legally binding loans that you will be obligated to repay in a few weeks. Therefore, you must be a legal adult to enter into an agreement with us. Additionally, you will need a valid bank account and a job with the same employer for at least three months. This ensures that you have the ability to repay any loan that we provide you.


Loan Amounts

We offer a wide variety of loan options. You can borrow a small loan of only £100 if you just need to purchase food until your next paycheck arrives. If you have a larger emergency, then you can feel confident that we will loan you up to £1,000 to take care of that emergency. As long as your monthly income meets our criteria, we will trust you with the funds for up to 30 days. Short-term lending has never before been this easy.


Easy Repayment Process

You do not have to concern yourself with website addresses or mailing addresses for repayment. We make the repayment process simple by deducting your payment from the valid bank account that you give us. We will use the same account that we send your loan to and deduct the loan proceeds plus fees on the repayment date. We will notify you of your repayment date in your contract so that you will know exactly what we expect of you. There are no hidden fees, tricks, or games with our company. We just want you to be happy and take care of your most important obligations.


The Application Process

The application process for a cash advance is simple. You do not need to be a technological expert to request funds. Just click on the “apply” button and start submitting your personal information. We need to know your income amount, your employer’s information, and your banking information. Our experts will conduct a verification to make sure that the information you submitted is correct. If we approve your advance, we may send your funds to you within 15 minutes. Getting the funds you need to you as quickly as possible is our main priority.